This month we will be spotlighting SGMAH motors. The SGMAH motor is part of the Yaskawa AC Servo motor line that can be with or without gear. The one that we will be highlighting will be without gear. This specific model is part of their Sigma II product line that also encompasses AC Servo Drives. Read More

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Series Overview:

Yaskawa offers many different types of AC servo drive units and the CACR-SR_BB1 is one of the more common drives we work on and see often at our facility. This series is offered in a few different output ratings, starting at 0.3kW (300W) and leading up to 6.0kW. The model number includes characters to represent the applicable motor series as well as the pulse count the encoder will need to have. Encoder pulse options vary by application and there are options for 1000, 1500, 2500, 4000, 5000, and 6000 pulses per revolution. Read More

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In this video; we discuss common alarms and failures with a VM3 spindle drive as well as share our tips to help you troubleshoot these alarms and failures. We also discuss some common causes to these failures such as, Read More

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Precision Zone is happy to announce specialization in the repair and sale of Yaskawa AC Servo Drives including CACR-SR02BY, CACR-SR03BY, CACR-SR05BY, CACR-SR07BY, CACR-SR10BY, CACR-SR15BY, CACR-SR20BY, CACR-SR30BY, CACR-SR44BY, CACR-SR60BY

servo drive is a special electronic amplifier used to power electric servomechanisms, or automatic devices that use error-sensing negative feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism.
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