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When it comes to HAAS servo amplifiers, there are two types. An older, 4015 series which utilizes the classic gold housing and a newer, smart amplifier that is housed in a silver style of case. Though connections and functionality between the two are nearly identical and can be used in place of one another, the newer smart amplifier takes some of the older fault codes and breaks them down to discrete signals in order to allow a larger, more specific pool of fault codes.Read More

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In Okuma’s Motion Control System there two parts that run the system. They are the DC power supply unit and the MIV inverter unit.Read More

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What distinguishes a servo drive from a VFD, or vice versa?

A servo drive, while similar to a VFD, controls a motor most commonly utilizing an internal permanent magnet (IPM) style of a rotor. This internal magnet design allows a smaller rotor to generate a large amount of magnetic flux, resulting in increased torque and lower inertia from smaller sized rotors.Read More

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Precision Zone is happy to announce specialization in the repair and sale of Mitsubishi AC Servo Drives including MDS-D-V2-160160, MDS-D-V2-160160W, MDS-D-V2-16080 MDS-D-V2-2020, MDS-D-V2-4020, MDS-D-V2-4040, MDS-D-V2-8040, MDS-D-V2-8080

servo drive is a special electronic amplifier used to power electric servo motors, or automatic devices that use error-sensing negative feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism.
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