Winding select contactors are one of the most overlooked items when it comes down to troubleshooting spindle motor failures. Some spindle drives have error alarms that will let the user know there is an issue, but there are also many that do not generate any alarms to indicate an issue with the winding select contactor.Read More


Servo Load Testing is a procedure that can be done before and after a Servo Drive has been repaired or replaced. Load testing allows for a Servo Drive to be tested at a point that it would see during a normal to non-normal operation conditions. In many applications, this is beneficial because it can let you know if the drive can handle the workload you are putting it through or it needs to be looked at because it cannot operate at the specified specs that it is rated for.Read More

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The Mitsubishi MDS series covers a large array of drive units, starting with the older MDS-A series and working its way up through the MDS-C1 series. Within the MDS series, there are - servo drives, spindle drives, and power supplies; creating a full system apart from the control side of things. Each type of unit comes with a 7-segment display readout for quick and easy troubleshooting and diagnostics when required.  Servo and spindle parameters are loaded in by the NC upon starting up and can be edited through the associated NC screens.Read More

Series Overview

When it comes to HAAS servo amplifiers, there are two types. An older, 4015 series which utilizes the classic gold housing and a newer, smart amplifier that is housed in a silver style of case. Though connections and functionality between the two are nearly identical and can be used in place of one another, the newer smart amplifier takes some of the older fault codes and breaks them down to discrete signals in order to allow a larger, more specific pool of fault codes.Read More

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