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When it comes to HAAS servo amplifiers, there are two types. An older, 4015 series which utilizes the classic gold housing and a newer, smart amplifier that is housed in a silver style of case. Though connections and functionality between the two are nearly identical and can be used in place of one another, the newer smart amplifier takes some of the older fault codes and breaks them down to discrete signals in order to allow a larger, more specific pool of fault codes.Read More

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There are a couple of checks that you will need to do after you get your HAAS Vector (Spindle) Drive repaired. Read More

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In this video; we discuss common alarms and failures with a VM3 spindle drive as well as share our tips to help you troubleshoot these alarms and failures. We also discuss some common causes to these failures such as, Read More

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The VAC-III is one of Okuma’s most popular conventional spindle drive units. With 3 powerful models, the VAC-III comes in a 6kW, 11kW and 22kW capacity. The VAC-III boasts quick, clean control signal communication through its fiber optic connection to the NC.  This fiber optic connection allows for faster transmission of data and immunity from electromagnetic interference on the signals. Standard copper cables are used for encoder, resolver and winding select connections. Easy access fuse holders on the edge of the power board allow for the ability to quickly check for and replace blown fuses. With distinct, bright LEDs on the control board, the VAC-III provides easy to read LED indication for alarms and operation status.Read More

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